In, creating a list become easier. Once you registered as a user, you are eligible to list ONE (1) homestay. To do the listing, follow simple steps below.


1. Log in portal.

2. Once you logged in, click on 'List Your Homestays' menu under 'Homestays' tab.

3. Enter the details of your homestay.



a. Keep your homestay's name short and simple. (exp. Homestay Kenangan, Homestay Setia.)

b. Write a description about your homestay. (Tell to your customer about the environment, places, views or feelings to make your homestay more attractive. Keep it short and nice. Don't tell any near places at description area.)

c. You are eligible for 1 main photo and 5 other photos once you registered as a free member. Use front view of your homestay as the main photo.

d. Pricing. Set normal price. Use special price if you want to offer any discount for a specific duration of stay.

e. Enter your homestay's address correctly. A marker will be placed automatically once your click 'Show address on map' button. Otherwise, you can locate the marker manually on the map. (Don't use LOT, P.O.BOX, etc. in your address.)

f. Details. Enter number of rooms, bathrooms, and cars can occupy under garage.

g. Point of interest (POI). Tell to your potential customers any attractive places near to your homestay as well as government agencies, hall and etc.

h. If you provide any activities to your customer, simply enter it in 'Activities provided' field. (Exp. snorkeling, BBQ, city tour and etc.)

i. Enter contact person's name and active phone number.


4. Submit your listing by clicking 'Submit my homestay' button.

5. Your listing will be submitted for verification and approval.